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Recruitment Dates
We recruit twice a year in advance of each new project cycle. All applications must be submitted online before the deadlines listed. 
Freshers Week 2018
(Hiring for 1st semester)
Autumn 2018
(Hiring for 2nd semester)
Applications Open: Sep 9
Applications Open: TBD
Applications Close: Sep 19
Applications Close: TBD
Those successful at the first stage of the application process will be invited to a brief 30-minute interview.
Next Skills Session: TBD 
Application Process
Our recruitment process has been designed to allow candidates to better demonstrate their attributes as well as their particular attraction to, and compatibility with, their chosen business area. There are two stages:
All applicants are required to fill out an application form and attach either their CV or LinkedIn profile. 
Online Application
Candidates are given an opportunity to sell themselves, express their interest in Playfair, and demonstrate their problem-solving skills. 
If you have any special requirements for us to consider, please get in touch with our recruitment team. 
Useful Tips
Enthusiasm is the attribute we value highest in a candidate, and thus should be evident throughout your application. 
We welcome students that are proactive, strive to challenge themselves and thrive on responsibility. 
Teamwork is essential for success in any business. It is the primary ability we look for at the skills session. 
Questions are the only way to find answers. Be analytical, creative and engaged in your work. 
Prior experience is not required and will not provide candidates with an advantage. 
Our Recruitment Team
Anete Kruze
Recruitment & Education
Joined 2017
Brooke Cox
Recruitment & Education
Joined 2017
Devina Puri
Recruitment & Education
Joined 2016
Making an Application
Be careful to read the job description for an advertised vacancy thoroughly before starting an application. It is important that you fully understand the primary responsibilities associated with your chosen position. Person specifications will be made available during our recruitment cycles and only posted for business areas that have vacancies. The application form can be accessed at the bottom of the page for each job posting.
Candidates will only be considered for one position per cycle and cannot make alterations to their form once it has been submitted.    
Working at Playfair Consultancy Group
Expected workload: 3 - 5 hours per week each semester.
USP: Real exposure to consultancy alongside your studies. 
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