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Our enterprising consultants reduce complexity and optimise performance for our clients. Whether it be process design or strategy formulation, we bring original thought to every project. 


Our skilled group of consultants look beyond matters at face value to understand the true source of underlying problems or untapped growth. Their inquisitive, comprehensive and candid approach enables them to prevent recurring issues and target opportunties. 


With a solid understanding of business needs and context, we develop insightful analyses and feasible solutions for clients. All progress is clearly recorded and communicated throughout a project to ensure that our final proposals continue to exceed expectations.


We consistently deliver value to every organisation with whom we work. Our focus on building capability as well as providing solutions means clients achieve tangible and sustained results both during and after the completion of a project. 

We are committed to the goal of driving change through effective work.


Satisfied Clients

We offer consultancy and advisory services to a wide variety of clients across many different industries and regions. Our projects have ranged from working with local charities to nationwide tech companies. We believe that building strong client relationships is essential and work closely with our clients to engender complete trust. Our consultants will listen to your vision and do everything in their ability to create it exactly as you see it. They can work to strict deadlines or undertake longer-term projects that require more than one cycle. 


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Adept Students

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  2. Managing Director
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What clients can expect from us
What we expect from clients
What we do best
Our consultancy teams take responsibility, deal with complexity, communicate effectively, act reliably and think critically. Also equipped with unique and specialised knowledge of the local and national business community, they are able to meet a diverse range of project briefs. We engage with all stakeholders to produce universally beneficial output and supply the desired results. 
All clients will recieve:
- A fresh perspective on issues.
- Thorough research and analysis.
- A trained team and lead contact.
- A full report with practical solutions. 
In return, we ask clients for:
- A feasible project proposal that includes main needs and scope.
- Commitment.
- Access to some info that enables  completion of the project.
- Feedback on the performance of our project team.
Are there costs involved? 

We operate on a pro-bono basis. Our aim is to provide our student members with development opportunities rather than a source of income. That said, we appreciate any donations if you are satisfied with our services. These are reinvested in the business to safeguard our sustainability, and to improve both our resources and services. 
Client T&Cs
  1.   Research +
    Research +
    We use data mining techniques to identify and address crucial issues. Our consultants are trained throughout each project cycle and have access to a wide range of resources that enables them to carry out effective primary and secondary market research. Results are always collated, interpreted and presented clearly to the client so that it can action tasks as soon as convenient.
  2.   Strategy +
    Strategy +
    We facilitate and guide effective strategy formulation and decision-making. Our consultants conduct analyses of past and current performance to develop informed opinions regarding the future direction of the company, while also considering any beneficial inter and intra-firm synergies that could be exploited. Ultimately, we will ensure that all key strategic initiatives deliver value to all stakeholders.
  3.   Business Development +
    Business Development +
    We develop growth opportunities and derive sources of long-term value. Narrowing service gaps, forging commercial relationships, enacting organisational change and adapting to market dynamics are possible approaches to optimising performance.
  4.   Sustainability +
    Sustainability +
    We aim to help embed good decision making into the company DNA. Clear demand, feasibility and social impact assessments are essential parts of this process. Our consultants will also take into account the ethical, moral and 'green' dimensions of company operations and their compliance with legal and societal expectations.
How our projects work
We run two project cycles annually from February through April and September through November to correpond with the academic calendar of our student consultants. Each lasts ten weeks and has clients confirmed at least one month in advance of the start date.

January         February         March         April         May         June         July         August         September         October         November         December







Week 1
Project Brief & Introduction
Prior to starting work, our Relations Team will arrange a suitable task brief to be delivered by our company. Having finalised all of the necessary details, the client will be assigned a team leader to commence the 10 week project. A first formal introductory kick-off meeting will be held as soon as possible. 
Weeks 1 to 8
Training Programme
The team leader assigned to a client is responsible for four to five subordinates, each of which will receive training tailored to the various phases of the project cycle. Some of the development sessions will be internally organised, while others will be the result of collaboration with our partners. 
Week 5 or 6
Mid-Term Review
Our consultants  will arrange to have a mid-term review with their respective clients at this time. This is an opportunity for the team to discuss their work thus far, and for the client to raise any issues and thoughts before their team begins to synthesise and evaluate their research. 
Week 9
Final Report
A professional report documenting a team's research, results and analysis is due in the penultimate week of a project. This will be handed to the client at the presentation the following week. Each report is meticulously reviewed to ensure it is of the high standard and clarity that we guarantee. 
Week 10
Final Presentation & Feedback
Clients and any of their invited stakeholders will be given a final report and presentation that responds to all points stated in the task brief. Following the conclusion of a project, we like to keep in touch with a client to hear about their future success and ask for feedback regarding our peformance.
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