Fife Social Enterprise Network

Autumn 2016

What is FSEN?

 Fife Social Enterprise Network (FSEN) is a collective of social enterprises from in and around Fife that provide information, advice and opportunities for collaborative work to fellow members. The organisation is led by a member of a third party organisation (BRAG); however, core members make up its board, all of whom advocate the rethink around social enterprise; making it more acceptable to be profit centric and less charity based, but still maintain the core roots of being socially oriented.    

Project Scope

 The client approached Playfair Consultancy Group with the ambition of providing more value to network members and a desire to figure out to devise its optimal organisational and operating structure.

What We Delivered

 Our team employed numerous research methodologies: ​​

  • In-depth local, regional and national fact finding. 
  • Questionnaires were issued to all current members of the Fife Social Enterprise Network. 
  • Interviews and discussions were held with the management team of the organisation. 
The findings of the data collected gave the consultant team a depth of knowledge to be able to critically evaluate the current state of FSEN, its potential moving forward, and possible alterations to its strategy such that it was in alignment with the managing board’s ambitions. It was soon established that the desired added value for the current members could be generated through:​​
  • Further member acquisition.
  • Improvement of the interaction and involvement of current members.
  • Generating a better image of the organisation in the local Social Enterprise landscape.
  • Hiring a University of St Andrews intern over the Summer 2016 period to implement changes.​​
 In addition, it was concluded that the organisational structure was strong, but needed to adjust its operational setup in order to facilitate the growth of the network.


FSEN have rejuvenated their online presence, as can be seen here, and they will be hosting their inaugural Social Enterprise Conference at the University of St Andrews in the Autumn of 2016. 

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