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We recognize it may be difficult for business owners to consistently post to social media while dealing with day to day management. Employ our marketing team to help run your social media accounts and improve your marketing efforts. 


Interact with your customers through a comprehensive and consistent posting schedule to your Facebook page. Photos, deals, contests, and more: we can help you build connections with your community and create a loyal customer base that keeps coming back!


Your Instagram has immense potential; showcase your products, grab attention, and get people coming into your shop! A consistent Instagram posting schedule will keep your name fresh in people's minds, and we can help you stay on top of it.


Twitter is your business to business platform, enabling you to engage with local leaders and explore opportunities you might not find otherwise. Let us be your ambassador, helping you keep on top of the latest news from the University and local business community! 

Think of your social media as a digital window display:

It should have an eye-catching appearance and clear message that conveys who you are in order to attract more customers. Playfair can help you revamp your social media’s image to make your business stand out.

We can take social media and marketing responsibilities off your hands; consulting with you every few weeks to help hone your brand image and promote what you deem necessary, we can deal with the day to day responsibility of posting to social media and engaging with customers!

Who understands student marketing better than a student-run consultancy?

  1. Eliza Gray
    Eliza Gray
    Eliza, a third year studying Management and Art History, joined Playfair in 2017 focusing on graphic design work. Having taken multiple marketing courses, and with a number of advertising internships under her belt, she has a wide range of experience to draw from helping improve your marketing efforts!
  2. Laura Bernardes
    Laura Bernardes
    Laura, a second year studying Economics, joined Playfair in 2017 and has since standardized our social media channels and successfully implemented a consistent posting schedule. Her social media savvy is a fantastic value add for any business!
  3. Misha Bogdanov
    Misha Bogdanov
    Misha, a third year studying Management and International Relations, joined Playfair in 2016 to help spearhead a total rebrand of the organization, redesigning all company multimedia including our logo and website. He currently helps a local business, where he holds a part-time job, run their social media accounts.


Representing three separate subjects, three nationalities, and having held internships across a number of industries, our marketing team offers a diverse set of skills and experiences to apply to your business.

If you're a student interested in joining our marketing team, please click here . We are always looking for motivated individuals to join the organization, and will look over your resume any time of the year!

What we offer:

  1. Consistent Posting
    Consistent Posting
    We can take day to day posting responsibilities off your hands, sticking to a predetermined schedule across all your platforms.
  2. Customer Engagement
    Customer Engagement
    Posting is just the first piece of the puzzle; responding to comments and engaging with customers is the next!
  3. A Committed Team
    A Committed Team
    Our marketing team will meet multiple times a week to create the best possible content for you, and keep on top of our posting schedule.
  4. Comprehensive Strategies
    Comprehensive Strategies
    Our team will go above and beyond to suggest & implement marketing strategies beyond posting photos. Deals, contests, and raffles are a great way to attract attention; let us help you run them!
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