The Playfair Experience


Exposure to Real Business Functions

Human Resources

Manage recruitment using advanced ATS
Work with our partners to coordinate training
Oversee relationships between members
Organise alumni network and events 

Marketing & IT

Develop integrated marketing strategies
Undertake professional video/photo projects
Maintain and update marketing channels
Design branded merchandise and materials





Preside over the client acquisition process
Secure and maintain sponsorship agreements
Manage post-project client relations
Use sophisticated CRM software

Finance & Legal

File annual reports and accounts
Ensure all activity complies with legal regulations
Process sales invoices, receipts and payments
Write all contracts and terms & conditions


Carry out thorough research and data collection
Identify issues and strategise accordingly
Prepare and deliver client workshops and presentations
Formulate value maximising propositions that exceed client expectations
Training Programme
Support Network
  1. New Skills Training
  2. New Skills Training
  3. Support
  4. Problems --> Solutions
  5. Feedback
  6. Problems --> Solutions
  7. Feedback
  8. Support
Feedback is essential in order to inspire continual improvement at both a personal and organisational level. The management board hosts Q&As regularly and promotes a mutual feedback process. Leaders & subordinates give each other feedback throughout every project cycle. 
Sharing knowledge is one of the company's key strengths. We aim to leverage the talent and experience of our members to benefit each other. For example, our alumni network enables both past and present members to reach out to others for advice, assistance and support.  
Induction Training: Consultancy project team leaders are the first to receive training at the beginning of each cycle as they must be prepared for their initial client meetings. This is soon followed by a session designed for the whole cohort, where everyone  is updated on recent developments and given tailored training to enable them to start work. 
Project Training: The HR department is responsible for identifying the needs and desires of members and arranging a training programme accordingly. Key competencies targetted in past sessions include leadership, case analysis, client communication and presentation skills.  
Employability Training: Our third training category is purposed to improve the job prospects of the cohort. Calling on the experience of members and that of outsourced industry experts, we offer advice for exams, interviews, CVs, cover letters, assessment centres, LinkedIn etc.
A Lively and Fun Culture

Social Calendar

We have an organised social once every two weeks, each of which is hosted by a different department. Some great ideas in the past have been a scavenger hunt, barbecue and Chinese New Year party. 

Milestone Celebrations

Sometimes it is important to take time to reflect on what has been achieved. We recognise the hard work of our members and enjoy rewarding them accordingly. 

Company Days Out

Each project cycle we try to organise a group activity away from St Andrews. The cohort has had end of year dinners and speed karting tournaments in recent years. 

Interested in joining our team?

We actively seek candidates with a genuine interest in our business.
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